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Our Mission

JB Dental Lab was founded in 2013 with the mission to provide the highest quality customer service possible. We take care of our clients, always striving to ensure satisfaction with our product. We have instilled into our practice great attention to detail and discipline to ensure our products always exceed the highest standards of quality.  All of our products are made right here in the USA.

Our Vision

We started this lab with a mission to move this industry into the future. What we saw when we started with an industry that was longing for innovation, superior customer service and to move to a more affordable and profitable digital process for dental lab workflows. Nine years later we are bringing that vision to the next phase with digital hybrids and the new EZ-Arch technology.

Company Founders

Steve Bahr

Steven has been working in the dental industry for over 15 years. He has over 37 years of life experience. His ability to troubleshoot complex problems and provide guidance and support to our clients is unmatched. You can always find him coaching clients through their surgeries or cases with his trusty flops, patented basketball shorts, and oversized headset. This combination produces a deadly assassin of complicated cases.

Brent Jackson

Brent has been “Ackchyually-ing” since he was a young boy. With over 12 years in the dental field and 37 years of life experience he has corrected the misconceptions of many. As head of our new technology and production systems, he is constantly engrossed in proving everyone wrong. “It can be done”, is his motto, everyone else just doesn’t understand how.

Trent Jackson

With over 15 years in the dental field and over 35 years of life experience, he has become the best chief operations officer we could ever hope to have. Nothing in the lab gets fixed, installed, or maintained without his omnipresent gaze.His focused vision has earned him a reputation at the lab of being a scrooge, but we all know it's just because he cares!

Company Leaders

Ahmad Albaba
Hybrid Manager

Ahmad has been with the JB Dental team since it's infancy and has held many roles. Today he leads our technology innovation and supports our team overall with any digital and technical needs.

Dimitri Georgiev; CDT,
Removables Manager

Dimitar has been a staple for JB Dental since 2019 and has been a leader in this industry with over 15 years of experience including his CDT certification. He leads his team in all things removables and has the coolest team on the block!

Jesus Villa
Full Arch QC manager

Jesus has been in the dental field for 17 years and introduced JB into the full arch space. He is an excellent technician and has mentored many in the field. He has been with JB since 2017.

Rachelle Martens
CAD Manager

Rachelle leads all things digital here at JB Dental. She is the go-to support and leader for all things CAD, customer support and leadership to the CAD design team.

Shervin Modiri; CDT, MDT
Crown & Bridge Manager

Shervin has over 16 years of professional dental experience including both his CDT certification and MDT masters. He brings insights and craftsmanship to the Crown & Bridge QA/QC. He leads Crown & Bridge and brings us all up to par with his detailed precision.

Client Services

Nichole Pritchard
Client Relations & Accounts Manager

Mariya Baird
Full Arch Treatment Coordinator

Carrie Green
Removables Customer Service Representative

Nia Matos-Joaquin
Crown & Bridge Customer Service Representative

Donna Runnells-Ortiz
Hybrid Customer Service Representative

Simona Nikolova
Shipping Customer Service Representative

Maddi Dunn
Logistics Customer Service Representative

Our Teams

Full Arch

Crown & Bridge


Research & Developement