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Our Products

We are a full service dental laboratory serving the dental community.

We specialize in digital full arch, crowns and bridges, removables as well as training and education.

All of our products are precision crafted with care in the United States.

Full Arch

We offer the best-in-class digital Full Arch Service. Our digital conversion protocols lead to quicker finals, less chair time and more volume for you. Offices that use our service can see 3 – 4x the number of full arch cases a month.


EZ Arch utilizes proprietary technology to generate in-office overlays that fit onto the precision milled titanium bar. Experience the difference TODAY.

Crown and Bridge

Whether it’s implants or veneers, our Crown and Bridge Department is ready to provide you with the best service on the market.
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Our Removables Department is second to none. We provide you with the best service on the market at a reasonable price.


We have a no-hassle remake process. As long as you are doing your part, we are happy to remake the case at no charge if anything goes wrong.

We provide a one year warranty for all of our products against failures.

Absolutely! Using our rigorous protocol, STLs will be provided to you before your patient even has the tube out of their mouth!

We provide support and feedback throughout the entire surgical process to ensure patient records are clean and accurate. Once the last scans are in, you can expect your designs back in about 15 mins per arch.

Using a photogrammetry system guarantees passive fit. If all records are clean and protocols are followed there is almost no bite adjustment needed.

5 Days in lab for e.Max and Zirconia restorations.

This may be possible due to:
1. Potentially, all the MUA were not fully torqued and came loose since the Photogrammetry scan.
2. One or more of the Scanflags weren’t quite fully seated and thus, the fit is off; sometimes tissue can prevent it to fully seat. Therefore, make sure you verify it’s seated with an explorer/visually or X-ray if the Scanflag margin is very sub-gingival.
3. Bad print. A new Photogrammetry scan can almost certainly tell us what was wrong by comparing the two.
4. Divergence of MUA is greater than 30 degrees, leading to a bad path of insertion.